About The timl

The Toronto Island Maple Leaf event debuted in 2008 and is one of Ontario’s longest running disc golf events. Originally founded by Dave Slater (PDGA #24628), the TIML event may have had different leadership and teams over the years, but our goal remains the same – to provide a premier, professional and inclusive disc golf experience on Toronto Island that’s rooted in friendship, fierce competition and uniquely good times.

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and Toronto has taken centre stage as a world-class disc golf destination in Canada. The annual Toronto Island Maple Leaf (TIML) event, now in it’s 14th year is a huge part of what makes Toronto a vibrant hub for disc golf in Canada. At the Toronto Island Maple Leaf, we have hosted players from age 6 to 70+. With our expansion into a two event series, the TIML Disc Golf is set to welcome almost 300 disc golfers and their families to the Toronto area this year! Held at one of the oldest courses in Canada, this tournament carries its own legacy as a premier destination disc golf event.

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Our Mission & Vision

The mission? To provide a premier, professional and player experience focused disc golf event on Toronto Island that’s rooted in friendship, fierce competition and uniquely good times.

The vision? To develop Toronto Island Maple Leaf disc golf into a globally-recognized destination disc golf event powered by the player experience, media and sponsor relationships, and community involvement.

The TIML has raised the bar of what to expect from a top notch disc golf event. Furthermore, it has served as an example to TD’s across the province and country of what a disc golf tournament in Canada can be.

Whenever I step foot onto the Island, I feel the history and prestige of disc golf there.

I have been fortunate to play in every TIML to date (Intermediate, Advanced, Open, and Open Masters divisions) and I hope to be able to continue to be a part of the great tradition and legacy of the Toronto Island Maple Leaf.

Greg Grootenboer

PDGA # 39668 - TIML MP40 Champion