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Thank You For Another Year!

September 3 – 5, 2022 – Pro / Am A-Tier

Discover the TIML and the road to thirteen years and counting.


TIML Thirteen

What You Need To Know

3 rounds. 3 days. $3000 Added Cash. Pro / AM A-Tier

Team TIML’s approach to running events focuses on providing a truly unique player experience. We also place importance on supporting the growth of women’s disc golf and junior disc golf while providing an inclusive environment for all our players to shine. Full tournament details found in players manual.

Rounds / Days


Added Cash

Hall Of Fame

Martin Hendel

2021, 2020, 2017, 2016 MPO
TIML Champion

4 x MPO TIML Champion
$6200+ TIML Payouts
10 TIML Appearance

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Colleen McInnes

2022, 2020 FPO
TIML Champion

2 x FPO TIML Champion
$ 1000 + TIML Payouts
4 TIML Appearances

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Jason Jalonen

2020 – MP50, 2017 – MPM
TIML Champion

2x MPM TIML Champion
$2800+ TIML Payouts
11 TIML Appearances

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