While September 2015 was the eighth edition of the Toronto Island Maple Leaf, it was also a tournament of several firsts.

This was the first year we extended the tournament to a three day format.

This allowed us the opportunity to have tee-time starts on days two and three. Tee times meant single rounds on Sunday and Monday which was a welcome change after the exhausting two-round shotgun start on Saturday.

Tee times starting from hole one meant we could personalize introductions and use walk-up music to make the starts something special.(and fun) Special Thanks to Mr Bee, Kin,and Lanaphylactic for making the intros happen.

With players finishing at 10 minutes intervals due to the tee time starts,we were able to accommodate a BBQ lunch/dinner for all players after the final round.

We lucked out with three consecutive days of tournament play without rain.

Our Mens Open winner Henrik Johansen was left-handed, non-North American and Swedish, all firsts.

Henrik initiated a new tradition getting the division winners to jump into the canal off the Snake Island bridge. Woot!

We had a nine player Womens field.....double Woot!

The fat Am players pack was not new, but the Pro purse reached $8,000.00 in the eighth year....hmmmmmm, can we reach 9k next year?

Did I miss any other firsts?

Shawn Seitz (AM2), Sandi Hendel (FA1), Dwayne Bereziuk (AM1), and of course, former Open champ, this years Pro Masters champ, Dave Northrup. All division firsts.

In addition to the division winners, the top 4 in each AM division won their 2016 PDGA memberships paid by the TIML. FA1, AM1 and AM2 champs also won beautiful new Latitude 64 Luxury II disc golf bags.

The Eighth Toronto Island Maple Leaf continued the success of tournament disc golf on Toronto Island and we look to carry forward this success to next year when we present the Nineth Toronto Island Maple Leaf on September 3,4,5, 2016.

See you then!

Dave Slater
TIML Tournament Director