Toronto Island Maple Leaf

Toronto Island Maple Leaf

September 3-5, 2016 ~ 3 rounds of Championship Disc Golf

PDGA "A" Tier Event

TIML 9 - September 3-5, 2016
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Leads Womens card celebrate a successful start on the First Tee.

Welcome to the Ninth Annual Toronto Island Maple Leaf presented by Prodigy Disc.

Canada's only annual "A" tier event just got bigger and better.

The unprecedented demand for both Pro and Amateur spots has resulted in the creation of a new tournament structure. For the first time, the Toronto Island Maple Leaf will be contested over three days with single rounds each day including tee-time starts for each of the three days. Introducing the tee-time start schedule was needed to create capacity for our players from near and far but it is our goal to present a tournament experience that is both competitive, while relaxed and enjoyable for all players.

Expanding the TIML tournament format from two to three days is just one way we are enhancing the disc golf experience on Toronto Island. The TIML philosophy began by offering competing players four primary divisions to choose from.

The Amateur divisions were divided into two; Intermediate for players that are either just starting their competitive experience or would like to play in a structured event but in a casual fun manner. The Advanced division is for those that have played Intermediate but are ready for the next step. The players in Advanced have developed their skills and broadened their experience and want to reach a higher competitive level.

Both Amateur divisions and the Womens Amateur division compete for trophys and prizes that reward their accomplishments but emphasize everyone's participation with generous players packs including discs and other related swag.

Players ready to make the next step will compete in the Pro divisions. Here you will find the more competitive disc golfers willing to battle for cash payouts and bragging rights. Its also a good place to refine your skills because you will be exposed to a higher level of competition and player development. Many (but not all) of the Pro field players are more experienced and to offer a second division in the Pro ranks, a Pro Masters division is available for those 40 years of age and older. As with the Men, there is a Pro Womens division but due to the limited numbers of Pro Women playing, we do not yet have enough demand for Pro Masters Womens division at this time.

To encourage Amateur players who may want to test the Pro divisions waters, we also offer a similar players pack for the Pro players but the real draw is to experience the top level of play and to attempt to win some cash. For the past several years, there has been $3,000.00 donated annually from our generous tournament sponsors to the Pro players entry fees to complete the Pro purse. The history and tradition of Toronto Island has welcomed several current and formal World Champions to our course and the TIML.

We hope that you take the time to enjoy all that Toronto Island and the City of Toronto has to offer in terms of recreation and excitement of the big city. Part of the decision to make the TIML a tee-time based tournament is to allow players more time to enjoy their surroundings and to follow other players who will be competing before and after your rounds.

Thank-you for attending the Toronto Island Maple Leaf and we hope that you have great time visiting Toronto Island.

David Slater, Tournament Director.


2016 "A" Tier

  • This September 3-5, the TIML returns to Toronto Island.

  • Remember, only 2016 current PDGA members are eligible to register for the TIML.

  • Volunteers! Can't play the event but would like to be a part of the tournament? Contact Dave Slater the TD to see where you can help during the event. Help is needed for one day, two days or all three days.

  • REGISTRATION CLOSED - to be added to the waitlist please contact

  • Dave Slater
    Tournament Director
    416 406 2412

Tournament Details

  • Each of the three days, all divisions will play one round per day featuring scheduled tee-times organized by division and accumulated score total.

  • The Pro divisions will include $3,000 added cash to the Pro purse and the Amateur field will play for the traditional trophy awards.The top four finishers in each AM division will receive PDGA memberships for 2017, if they have not won that prize in the same division before.

  • In lieu of the conventional Am payout, all Amateur players will receive a fat players pack and there will be special prizes for the Champions in each Amateur division. (MA1, FW1, MA2)

  • Lunches with be included for all players on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Registration Info

REGISTRATION CLOSED - to be added to the waitlist please contact

  • All players must be PDGA current members to register for this PDGA sanctioned "A Tier" event.

  • All non-current ODSA members add $8.00

  • MPO and MPM $120.00

  • FPO $100.00

  • MA1, FW1 and MA2 $70.00

  • All Players indicate shirt size from XS to 4XL

  • Registration will close August 22, 2016 for all divisions.

  • If there is sufficient demand of a minimum 10 Masters and 10 Grand Masters, a separate division of MGM will be created.

Tournament Schedule (all times approximate)

One round per day with Tees times at 10 minutes Intervals from Hole 1

All holes, all weekend will be to the Long Basket location with some variation of the tees used by Divison.

The tee times will start at 09:00AM each day but the Division starts will alter slightly as follows:

Saturday September 3 (grouped randomly with Division)

Intermediate Men off the Short Tees (approx.09:00)
Amateur Women off the Short Tees (approx.10:20)
Advanced Men off the Short Tees (approx.11:00)
Pro Women off the Short Tees (approx.12:10)
Pro Masters off the Long Tees (approx.12:30)
Open Men off the Long Tees (approx.13:20)

Sunday September 4 (grouped by previous results within Division)

Amateur Women off the Short Tees (approx.09:00)
Advanced Men off the Short Tees (approx.09:40)
Intermediate Men off the Short Tees (approx.10:50)
Pro Masters off the Long Tees (approx.12:10)
Pro Women off the Short Tees (approx.13:00)
Pro Men off the Long Tees (approx.13:20)

Monday September 5 (grouped by previous results within Division)

Advanced Men off the Long Tees (approx.09:00)
Intermediate Men off the Short Tees (approx.10:10)
Amateur Women off the Short Tees (approx.11:30)
Pro Women off the Long Tees (approx.12:10)
Pro Masters off the Long Tees (approx.12:30)
Pro Men off the Long Tees (approx.13:20)

* All starts times are projected based on expected registration.
Exact tee times will be posted one week before the tournament for Day One and by 9pm the day before Days Two and Three for Sunday and Mondays competition at

Toronto Island Disc Golf Course

Toronto Island Disc Golf Map
Course Map - PDF Download


Hole Am Pro
1 319 576
2 322 357
3 353 543
4 330 358
5 267 325
6 506 614
7 304 382
8 541 656
9 273 325
Hole Am Pro
10 393 518
11 328 393
12 405 530
13 470 532
14 429 532
15 266 300
16 534 606
17 296 391
18 258 320

Toronto Island Maple Leaf History

2015 TIML Winners

1) Martin Hendel
2) Brad Schick
3) Paul Ulibarri
4) Dan Hastings
1) Jay Yeti Reading
2) Kirk Haggadone
3) Adam Hazel
4) Dave Northrup
1) Brian Farquhar
2) Pete Chapman
3) Jeremy Martin
4) Kevin Griffiths


1) Ragna Bygde-Lewis
2) Des Reading
3) Sandi Hendel
4) Brianna Ainsley
1) Jessica Cassidy
2) Lana Kelly
3) Danielle Duplisea
4) Colleen Mcinnes
1) David Hartmann
2) Kyle Smuck
3) Jeff Grove
3) Blake Orchard
3) Brian Baxtrom
3) Kyle Pitman

2015 TIML Winners

1) Henrik Johansen
2) Martin Hendel
3) Dan Hastings
4) Brad Schick
1) Dave Northrup
2) Adam Hazel
3) Michael Sullivan
4) Robert Martinek
1) Shawn Seitz
2) Steven Foster
3) Joshua Quackenbush
4) Chris Yetman


1) Sandi Hendel
2) Jen Brown
3) Holly Decoste
4) Chelsea Carl
1) Dwayne Bereziuk
2) Andrew Leyland
3) Peter Lunstead
4) Jurijs Zukovs

2014 TIML Winners

1) Will Schusterick
2) Simon Lizotte
3) Ricky Wysocki
4) Kim Scott-Wood
1) Michael Sullivan
2) Jason Jalonen
3) Robert Martinek
4) Simon Newman
1) Holly DeCoste


1) Jen Brown
2) Steph Clavel
3) Lana Kelly
1) Jeremy Hoeltke
2) Bryan Freese
3) Steve McNeil
T-4) Justin Everett
T-4) Jay Hartman
1) Mark Dron
2) Carl Smith
T-3) Pete Chapman
T-3) Ben Kurvits

2013 TIML Winners

1) Brad Schick
2) Avery Jenkins
3) Martin Hendel
4) Paul Ulibarri
1) Simon Newman
2) Michael Sullivan
3) Jason Jalonen
4) Robert Martinek
1) Erica Johnson
2) Jessica Chartrand


1) Helen Morlock
2) Stephanie Clavell
1) Chris Ozolins
2) Bramm Happner
3) Andrew Beattie
4) Mike Masters
1) Jurijs Zukovs
2) Adam Gowland
3) Sean Veitch
4) Carl Smith

2012 TIML Winners

1) Nate Doss
2) Avery Jenkins
3) Kim Scott-Wood
4) Martin Hendel
1) Gregg Hosfeld
2) Jay Reading
3) Jason Jalonen
4) Greg Berseth
1) Leah Taylor
2) Jessica Chartrand
3) Tammy List
4) Jennifer Bronson


1) Valarie Jenkins
2) Desiree Reading
3) Melissa Lancaster
4) Rebekah Walker
1) Andy Culliton
2) Mark Jelinski
3) Dwayne Bereziuk
4) Jolan Canrinus
1) Aaron Clarke
2) Mike Masters
3) Patrick Scanlon
4) Chris Stein

2011 TIML Winners

1) Brad Schick
2) Avery Jenkins
3) Kim Scott-Wood
4) Branden Dobson
1) Eric Vandenberg
2) Greg Berseth
3) Paul Michel
4) Rob Martinek
1) Jessica Chartrand
2) Darlene Teall


1) Elaine King
2) Melissa Lancaster
1) Greg Grootenboer
2) Scott Jameson
3) Duane Chris
4) Mark Jelinski
1) Vern Lepine
2) Dave Koe
3) Aaron Clarke
4) Dwayne Bereziuk

2010 TIML Winners

1) Dave Northrup
2) Branden Dobson
3) Martin Hendel
4) Eric Vandenberg
1) Rebekah Walker
2) Cindy Slaats
3) Holly Decoste


1) Elaine King
2) Robert Martinek
3) Mike Pay
4) Dean Aelick
1) George Kamenos
2) Jolan Canrinus
3) Mike Kaminski
4) Donald Kaminski

2009 TIML Winners

1) Eric Vandenberg
2) Jason Jalone
3) Bryan Motley
4) Robert Laurie
1) Rebekah Walker
2) Martha Wyatt
3) Cindy Slaats
4) Sandra Meszaros


1) Justin Barker
2) Mike Pay
3) Sean DaCosta
4) Dave Yoshimoto
1) Greg Grootenboer
2) Vern Lepine
3) Mick Gold
4) Mathieu Nolan

2008 TIML Winners

1) Kim Scott-Wood
2) Michael Sullivan
3) Robert Laurie
4) Eric Vandenberg
1) Sandra Meszaros
2) Martha Wyatt
3) Maureen Atkinson
4) Kim Ainslie


1) Elaine King
2) Nao Nasu
3) Alistair MacNaughton
4) Justin Barker
1) Andrew Gyba
2) Greg Grootenboer
3) Chris Freeland
4) Bob Kimble

TIML Videos & Photos

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2014 Toronto Island Maple Leaf - Round Three - MPO lead card

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